Truefarm Foods is a 100% Organic Food company focused on its consumers. Our vision is to become the first choice brand for organic food for all consumers across the world. It is our mission to provide highest quality organic food, which is delicious as well as nutritious and helps people stay healthy and happy. We engage with farming communities across the world to cultivate 100% organic crops. It is followed by our relentless pursuit for preserving nutrition in every next step. We value customer trust over profits, and we prefer quality over production speed. We believe in the best and therefore always work on most premium varieties of all food products, be it grains, superfoods, nuts or spices.

Truefarm Foods has been founded by seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders with decades of experience. Founders share a common passion for reducing carbon footprint and eliminating diseases caused by toxins and chemicals in our food. We see it as our responsibility to restore ecological balance which has been disturbed by centuries of exploitation and contamination of resources such as soil and water by use of chemicals. The entire world needs to switch to organic food and we stand committed to being the leaders in this journey towards 100% organic wellness. We go far to find the best products and we put science back in food to make it better.