3 Reasons to Consume Jaggery More Often in Your Diet

3 Reasons to Consume Jaggery More Often in Your Diet

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Organic jaggery is an excellent addition to your diet. It gives you energy and keeps you active. Regular consumption of jaggery is good for your health, it is a tasty alternative to refined sugar.

  1. It's a good source of Iron
    For a plant product, jaggery contains a great deal of iron. The iron content of just one serving may be nearly ten percent of what you need for the day. In order for blood cells to remain healthy, iron is crucial. Iron can reduce fatigue and improve muscle function if you consume enough of it.
  1. It helps detoxify the liver and revitalize it. It also helps in digestion.
    A natural cleanser, jaggery is especially beneficial to the liver. One of the benefits of eating natural sweeteners is that they help flush out harmful toxins from the body. This further aids in detoxifying the liver. Sweeteners loaded with nutrients help activate digestive enzymes. Simply consume some of this natural sweetener after a heavy meal to reduce constipation risks (P.S. consult your doctor if you're suffering from diabetes or heart related diseases).
  • It is a powerhouse of antioxidants
  • Jaggery is great for your overall health, especially helping with keeping your skin healthy and glowing. As jaggery purifies the blood and increases haemoglobin levels, it is effective in treating acne or pimples and promoting skin health. Jaggery contains glycolic acid, which corrects skin aberrations and promotes clearer skin. When consumed with sesame seeds, jaggery's benefits for the skin are even stronger.

     With its rich mineral content and slower blood sugar effect, Truefarm's Organic Jaggery Powder is a great alternative to sugar. Using the best crops of organic sugarcane, it's made with 100% Organic Ingredients. In contrast to refined sugar, it does not contain Sulphur.

    So there you have it! Here are some solid reasons to include our Organic Jaggery Powder (insert hyperlink: 

     Organic Jaggery Powder in your daily diet. We'll be coming up with more such info about organic foods, so stay tuned! Until next time, stay safe, eat healthy and Go Organic!🍃🍃